The cost of foundation repair in Long Island (  is often a glaring reason why many homeowners choose to ignore small problems when they are first noticed. Often, a homeowner will find out that a contractor intends to charge 500- 1,000 dollars for their small repair job and, rather than spend the money, they’ll shrug the issue off as “not so bad,” and continue on like the problem doesn’t exist.

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For some, they think that they will have the money to fix the problem later, so they disregard the issue until further down the line. All too often, once the issue is revisited, they discover that it has grown and they can’t afford to fix it now, either. Soon, the entire problem has gotten so far ahead of them that they will be tempted to sell the house rather than fix the issue, only to discover that the house is not sellable.

Foundation repair contractors warn Long Island residents to not ever make such a mistake. While the cost of a water entry crack repair or a shrinkage crack might seem daunting, it is nothing compared to the tens of thousands of dollars that are usually required to fix a problem that is allowed to grow out of hand. Think of a foundation crack as a dental cavity. You can fix the issue now and not have to worry about it again- or you can ignore the cavity until it spreads, the entire tooth is ruined, and the teeth to each side are affected, as well. By that time, you are in a painful and overwhelming mess with a dentist bill that will be two or three times what the original cost would have been. Doesn’t that seem like a silly way to handle- or not handle- the problem?

When major house foundation repair is required in Long Island, there are two methods that are often used. The first is a called “slab jacking.” Slab jacking is a contractor term used when concrete is poured into the faulty spots of the home to raise the house back to its original position on the slab. While this is the most effective process in many situations, it is definitely not always a fix that will take. If the ground surrounding a structure has warped, then slab jacking will do very little to fix the foundation issue because the structure will never again sit correctly as it once did. Furthermore, if the ground is already in motion, it is not likely to stop. Foundation issues will resurface in short time without the proper repair work being done right away.

The second method of house foundation repair in Long Island is the use of hydraulic piers. Hydraulic piers can actually lift the house up in order to fix large sections of a foundation or even the entire foundation. Also, with the use of hydraulic piers, the ground beneath a home can be leveled out to prevent further shifts that would cause future foundation issues. By leveling the ground or widening the slab of the home, the dirt around the house cannot shift any further. This will prevent the home’s foundation from moving and improve the overall structure of the house. It is a winning situation if your foundation issues are caused by Long Island climate and NOT just a poorly constructed foundation or age.

The cost of major foundation repair in Long Island is nothing to scoff at. There are horror stories of individuals buying new homes only to discover that the foundation repair required the save the house held a heftier price tag than the mortgage! Always have a foundation repair contractor inspect a structure before your purchase to ensure that the cost of the foundation repair won’t negate the charm of your Long Island classic purchase. Not only that, but it’s just good practice to maintain your upkeep You never know when a serious problem will occur, and you will always want to be ready.

Your neighbors, your insurance company, and your some day potential buyers will thank you for maintaining your home’s foundation and calling in the experts before you were met with real trouble. So will your wallet!