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Finishing a basement can maximize the existing space in your home in a big way. Unfinished basements can often feel like serious wastes of space. If you want to make the most out of your residential property, it can be a joy to finish your basement. You can turn a finished basement into a spare bedroom for guests. You can turn one into an office or entertainment center as well. Remember, too, that finishing a basement can also greatly boost the value of your residence. That’s the reason people who are planning on selling in the future often do so. When you’re looking for professional basement remodeling contractors om Long Island, New York locals can depend on, you can turn to our full-service company, Basement Finishing Long Island (

Basement Finishing Long Island

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Cesspool Service Long Island talks about Sewers and Septic Systems

Rich from Cesspool Service Long Island,  in this blog post gives is a minor history lesson of the handing of human waste.

The treatment of human waste for many years was a problem with humanity. People did not connect this as the source of many human illnesses and diseases. It was the introduction of municipal sewer systems and septic tanks that brought about methods of healthy waste disposal.

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The Cost of Foundation Repair on Long Island

The cost of foundation repair in Long Island (  is often a glaring reason why many homeowners choose to ignore small problems when they are first noticed. Often, a homeowner will find out that a contractor intends to charge 500- 1,000 dollars for their small repair job and, rather than spend the money, they’ll shrug the issue off as “not so bad,” and continue on like the problem doesn’t exist.

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